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     Laguna Beach Live! Is Great Talent... Intimate... Accessible...

Beth's Tuesdays is a monthly singer-songwriter's showcase hosted by Beth Fitchet Wood...

Activist writer/singer Joel Rafael has released a stunning collection of Americana albums, including a two-volumeset of Woody Guthrie songs, with five Guthrie/Rafael co-writes.  His latest work, ROSE AVENUE, San Diego Music Awards Best Country/Americana Album Nominee, is a ten-song masterpiece that gracefully defines Rafael’s contribution to the American canon. 

Jim Quealy continues to write and perform his own material as well as countless reinterpreted covers, after 50 years and counting. 10 studio albums of his original material can be heard on most of the streaming platforms along with a few tribute projects.

Concerts are in person and held at the Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center - 235 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach on a Tuesday of each month at  7 PM. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door.

Coming Wednesday, March 6th

 Joel Rafael & Jim Quealy

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