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     Laguna Beach Live! Is Great Talent... Intimate... Accessible...

Beth's Tuesdays is a monthly singer-songwriter's showcase hosted by Beth Fitchet Wood...

Concerts are in person and held at the Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center - 235 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach on a Tuesday of each month at  7 PM. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

Next Event - Tuesday April 4th 2023, Michelle Mangione and Nick Justice


With her band, cajon (box drum), drums and acoustic guitar, songwriter Michelle Mangione challenges the world of live music to rise to a very intimate and honest level.


To date, she has released Independent CDs and numerous independent videos.


Nick Justice is a journeyman singer songwriter with 5 solo records to his credit. His last solo effort “Rope the Wind” charted at #1 Roots Music Report Top 50 Folk Rock Album Chart, April 2021. Justice is currently working on his 6th solo record continuing to write about lost souls, broken dreams and the search for redemption.

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