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Kevin Kelso is a singer/songwriter who writes in a variety of styles, but he thinks of himself as primarily a folksinger who deeply regrets never having learned to play the guitar. Instead, he lugs his keyboard to perform all over Los Angeles. He's written and performed 4 one-person shows with his original songs. The most recent one, "U Sing 2!", premiered last summer at the Indianapolis Fringe Festival. He has appeared more than a dozen times as the "house band" for the podcast "Nobody Listens To Paula Poundstone" and has written several songs for that show.

While he enjoys working alone in his lonely writer's garret, he also likes co-writing. He and his frequent collaborator Hillary Rollins just won the Dottie Burman Award from the Manhattan Association of Cabarets. He's also preparing for an upcoming production of a musical revue "The Food Show" with co-writer Chana Wise

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