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Charlie B “Chuck” Roberts is a child of the Southern California Sound.  Raised on LA artists like CSN&Y, Carol King, The Eagles and Warren Zevon, he weaves his own cares and ambitions into the lives of the characters in his songs.  Telling stories with big wet hooks, Charlie has been writing songs and performing in Southern California before Ronald Regan was Governor.  He makes his home in the High Desert , where the dust and wind blow into and throughout his songs.  Charlie currently writes and performs for the independent syndicated TV show Dog Tales.  Dog Tales is in its 8th season playing on more than 100 TV stations across the country, to about 1 million viewers a week.  Charlie B also has written and performed for the Showtime mini series “Wild Things” and for a handful of Movies.  He won the Male Acoustic Performer in 2010.

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