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Acoustic Americana Rockers & Balladeers. JC & Laney have been in various bands, acappella to folk to rock, all their lives, but for the past 10 years they have been a high energy Americana Duo performing in the Western United States 60 to 100 times each year at House Concerts, Theaters, Festivals & Other various venues.

They have 7 CDs of Americana/Roots Music under their belt, working with legendary produced by Steve Wood (former musical director for Kenny Loggins & Music Composer & Producer of over 20 Imax Movies).

They write, sing harmony & perform their own catalog of over 80 original compositions, that can be performed on your back porch or on any stage, purely with 2 voices & 1 guitar... but may also include accompanying fiddle or keyboard and/or drums.

Their improvised banter, signature harmonies & memorable songs run the gamut between folk, blues,pop, rock & comedy and simply fresh & new.

You can hear them on You Tube, Pandora, Spotify, iHeart, NPR, AMAZ, Indie Showcase and dozens of Global Internet Radio Stations as well as on their website.

JC Scott from Long Island, NY cut his teeth in the Classic Rock Era playing guitar & singing with musicians from Arlo Guthrie, Lindsay Buckingham, Kenny Loggins & Weird Al before meeting Laney in 2009.

Laney Greynolds, a powerhouse of emotion you must hear to believe, has been singing Rock, Country & Gospel Music since she could breathe. From 1988 to 2009 she was lead singer for the Classic Rock band "Saddletramp" and recorded extensively with many artists.

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