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The Barefoot Movement

The Barefoot Movement


Johnson City's The Barefoot Movement has been making waves in the folk world since the release of their 2011 debut album Footwork. 

The Barefoot Movement is a quartet of immensely talented musicians from North & South Carolina and Tennessee who found their niche by creating their own brand of bluegrass music. These young players, with an ear for all things musical (and an apparent aversion to shoes), successfully meld Americana influences with the invigoration of acoustic modern rock and jazz. “We’re not modern country the way that it is on the radio, but we’re not pure bluegrass either,” says Noah Wall, one of the band’s founding members and fiddle player. Their sound simultaneously captures the rustic beauty of old Southern front porch Bluegrass improvisation while being immediately accessible to the modern era. 

For band members Tommy Norris, Noah Wall, Hasee Ciaccio and Alex Conerly, 2013 brought the release of a new album, cross country touring, and all manners of shoeless excitement. Their new album, Figures Of The Year, with both original and traditional numbers, is complete with all the elements that make up the Barefoot sound: lush harmonies, thoughtful instrumentation, and memorable melodies. The group also recently opened for The Milk Carton Kids in their west coast tour, from Denver to San Francisco to Vancouver. 

From foot-tapping instrumentals to emotional ballads, and everything in between, these roots music newcomers offer something for everyone.

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