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Senem Diyici's Mai Yol 4tet

Senem Diyici's Mavi Yol 4tet


The artistic collaboration between Senem Diyici (vocals-percussions, Turkey/France) and Alain Blesing (electric and acoustic guitars, France/The Netherlands) began some twenty five years ago. In 2010 Can Ömer Uygan (trumpet, Turkey) and Bruno Tocanne (drums, France) joined up the two to form “Senem Diyici’s Mavi Yol 4tet.” 

With its original compositions and apt use of modern day technology, “Mavi Yol 4tet” is in constant motion between jazz and traditional folk music. The quartet offers a rare musical treat of extraordinary instrumental colors and melodies, a magical blend of traditional and contemporary Eastern, Turkish and European musical cultures. With their music they travel the world, enchanting their audiences wherever they go.

Everything in Mavi Yol 4tet’s music calls for a new definition of world-music. A musical complicity nurtured by exceptional improvisations, allow the 4 masterly musicians to explore musical horizons without boundaries, while remaining emotionally compliant. 

To Senem, her music is like a bridge between cultures and people, fusing the old and new, always searching for the spirit and the story that is within every human being. It has become her own heritage, through which she transmits and shares universal love and nostalgia with her audiences all over the world.

Mavi Yol 4tet’s first album (“Dila Dila!”) was recorded in May 2011 at the ADA studios in Istanbul and was released on December 2011 through Baykus Music label (Turkey).

  "The bop of the Bosporus of the cat-like woman Senem Diyici, who sails smoothly from sweet meanders to sparkling dances, a chamber world music, acoustic and playful"  Telerama

  “Crossing subtly jazz and traditional, the singer shows us some splendid sound landscapes. Rhythms and colors to zenith...” Disques Magazine

  “...a voice blessed by the gods...” VSD

  “...a breath of Mediterranean freshness and a lesson of freedom...” Jazzman