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Mariachi Divas


Mariachi Divas

Mariachi Divas, founded in 1999, are continuously making big waves on the Los Angeles music scene. Mariachi Divas is a unique, multi-cultural ensemble, represented by women of: Mexican, Cuban, Samoan, Argentinean, Colombian, Japanese, Puerto Rican, Swiss and Anglo decent.

Founder and Director Cindy Shea-Carballo states,"Music is a way of uniting our cultural backgrounds. As a result of living in such a diverse city, we have become a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. Falling in love with the sounds of mariachi is what inspired me to share and introduce mariachi music with other musicians of diverse backgrounds like myself. It has been a rewarding experience for me to know that I have brought so many cultures together to honor mariachi music."

Having a unique sound all their own, the Divas have even created their own style of music called ranchengue, a unique combination of a ranchera played in merengue fashion.