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Beth’s Tuesdays is a monthly singer-songwriter’s showcase. Concerts are in person and held at the Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center - 235 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach on the first Tuesday of the month at  7 pm.

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

Beth's Tuesdays continues NEW DATE on July 12th with  

 Jack Tempchin

Beth's Tuesdays July 12th Jack Tempchin joins Beth and Steve! 

Usually on the 1st Tuesday of the Month, Laguna Live’s singer songwriter showcase falls on the 2nd Tuesday of July. Beth Fitchet Wood and Steve Wood will be joined by longtime pal and Songwriter Hall of Fame member, JACK TEMPCHIN. Writer of hits such as “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Already Gone” Jack will help Beth and  Steve explore the theme of “Optimism”.

Beth's Tuesdays January 4th with Joel Rafael and Cej

Beth's Tuesdays December 7th with Michele Mangione and Jodi Siegel

Beth's Tuesdays November 7th with Cynthia Carle and Chauncy Bowers

Beth's Tuesdays October 5th with Jim Quealy and Rick Taylor.

Beth's Tuesdays August 3rd with Jack Tempchin and Alfred Johnson.

Beth's Tuesdays July 6th with Scott Gates and Joel Rafael

Beth's Tuesdays June 1st with Chelsea Williams  and Mark Turnbull

Beth's Tuesdays May 4th with Tracy Newman and Omar Valesco

Beth's Tuesdays April 6th with Jason Feddy and Shaun Cromwell

Beth's Tuesdays March 2nd with Grace Freeman and Jodi Siegal

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