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The Furious Seasons are an acoustic trio with stories to tell.  Living inside these songs are tales of persons in desperate situations, chronicles of life in 21st century Los Angeles, and stories of quietly heroic individuals, often told with a nod towards the inexorable passage of time.  Acclaimed songwriter, singer and guitarist David Steinhart fashions songs that lyrically live on the hopeful side of melancholy, with an approach to songwriting by turns stark and ethereal, and perfect for an acoustic treatment.  The supple accompaniment from this small string orchestra generates a surprising tonal lushness, in the end creating a hypnotic universe in which the listener can lose themselves for a time.  Listen to these songs and they will change you. Veteran Los Angeles songwriter David Steinhart has distilled decades of songwriting on over 20 album releases.

Guitarist Paul Nelson’s background as a working musician in Santa Barbara plying his trade in various facets of Americana, afforded him the ability to illuminate David’s songs with melodic and mercurial inventions that create a bespoke blend of blues, folk and country influences.  Additionally, he adds harmony vocals to David’s keening melodies with an instinctual sense.  Jeff Steinhart’s upright bass provides the supple underpinning that pulls the songs together with a gravitas that makes the vocals and the guitars soar; and in the recording studio he adds subtle washes of organ and piano in just the right places

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