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Los Angeles bred   and based songstress, Natalie Hanna Mendoza, is a musical force in the traditional jazz and swing scene of Southern California. She is not only   a captivating storyteller, with authentic renditions of the Great   American Songbook, but she also is a seasoned session singer, award winning   jazz vocalist, and songwriter. Natalie invites  her audiences   on a journey back in time to the Golden age of music. In live   performances, Natalie is the band leader and lead vocalist of her own   group Nat and her Tiger Five . She also sings with various jazz combos throughout Los Angeles.  She can be found performing tirelessly at   venues such as Herb Albert's Vibrato Jazz Grill, Clifton's Cafeteria, Campus   Jax, and many more.

Natalie has   recorded with many incredible musicians such as grammy award winning artists,   Billy Davis Junior and Marilyn Mccoo. She was featured on the song "Fool   on the Hill" off of their latest album  "Blackbird".

She also has   recorded with the well known indie/alternative rock band Lord Huron. Her   vocals can be heard throughout their latest album "Long Lost". She   sung with the group on the James Corden Late Late show.

Natalie   is an esteemed educator as both a private voice   instructor and an elementary school teacher, grades K-6. She graduated from   the prestigious Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at Cal State   University of Long beach and received her bachelors in Jazz Studies. She   Studied Jazz under Christine Guter and  John Proulx.

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