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Award-winning B.A.C. endorsing trombonist Kevin Hicks has established himself as one of the most important and creative voices on the music scene today, both as a performer and as an educator. With performing experience from around the world, ranging in context from clubs and performing arts centers to cruise ships and theme parks, Kevin Hicks is seasoned beyond his years.

After finishing his master’s degree from University of Florida in 2014, Kevin moved to L.A and quickly became recognized. Not only in demand in L.A. but as a guest performing artist and educator on stages and classrooms across the United States and overseas. Mr. Hicks works at Disneyland and many bands and ensembles in the Los Angeles area and does extensive recording session work. Kevin Hicks runs an independent online lesson studio and has released the books Trombone Visualizer and Sight-Reading Monster. His methods in trombone pedagogy are truly innovative, especially in the area of music improvisation. Kevin is featured on many recordings as a sideman but his award winning debut album as leader Wave Tripping was released February 2017 and features his many musical influences, special guests, and his melodic prowess through improvisation.

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