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"Smart, alluring and evocative." - Washington Post

“Grace’s bright, clear voice reflects simple beauty and subtle wisdom, traits shared by all memorable singers from Billie Holiday to Emmylou Harris.”
– LA Weekly

Kathleen Grace grew up in the West, its vistas etching an impression that would stay with the Tucson, AZ native as she traveled to the dry hills of Los Angeles. Forging a career that has sent her around the globe, she has played for worldwide audiences whose diversity reflects her own eclectic musical tastes. Emerging from her jazz roots, Kathleen's sound bridges traditional and nostalgic with an approachable modernity, taking her into blues, folk and pop leaning realms. “Jazz is a value system,” Kathleen explains, “I may not always be creating music specific to that space, but I try to let it’s deepest truths of freedom, listening and trust guide my path, my choices.”

Over time, Kathleen's organic evolution has lead her to an expansive career not only as an interpreter of song, but also a respected songwriter in the modern folk and Americana worlds. Her prior album, No Place To Fall, is a sun-drenched landscape of music rooted in her desert upbringing and elegant country spirit. Recorded at Carriage House Studios and produced by Sheldon Gomberg (Lucinda Williams, Ben Harper), No Place To Fall is the undeniable evolution of Kathleen as a naturally exquisite singer and songwriter, whose soulful instincts are skillfully honed by her prior experience in jazz and blues.

Kathleen has appeared on stages as varied as her music, including The Montreux Jazz Festival, The Kennedy Center for the Arts and the South by Southwest music festival. She appears on Jim James’ (My Morning Jacket) solo release, Uniform Distortion. She has also performed with Portugal the Man on the Billboard American Music Awards, and most recently the Coahchella Music Festival. Kathleen is also a member of the female powerhouse trio, Dear Lemon Trees, with fellow songwriters Jamie Drake and Leslie Stevens.

Kathleen is a faculty member in the Contemporary Music Division of the Flora L. Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Her newest project with renowned jazz pianist and songwriter Larry Goldings has been in the studio. Their personal and intimate album is set for release next year.

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