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Serena McKinney - Violin, Katie Adarauch - Viola and Arnold Choi - Cello

Among the swiftest rising young chamber ensembles today, the Janaki String Trio brings together three virtuoso musicians whose passion and commitment have captivated both audiences and presenters alike. Founded at The Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles in early 2005, the group has won a number of competitions including the Grand prize at the 59th Annual Coleman Chamber Music Competition, and the inaugural BMI Foundatino Commission Prize. In March 2006, the threesome came to national attention as the first string trio ever to win the Concert Artists Guild International Competition. The ensemble takes its name from the Sanskrit word Janaki (YAHN-uh-kye), which symbolizes self-realization — the underpinning artistic and spiritual ideal entwining composer, musician and listener.

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