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Now in its sixteenth year, Gremoli is currently in its second year of playing Sundays at the Farmers Market in old town Montrose. Some high lights of recent years include The Evergreen (CO) Classic Jazz Festival, four successive years as a feature attraction at the “Bear Affair” in Big Bear, two dates at The Jazz Spot in the Los Feliz Restaurant in Los Angeles, both times to a sold out house. In the past couple of years Gremoli has played dates at San Diego, (AFCDJS), as well as the San Diego Thanksgiving weekend Jazz Festival, the SPDJ Jazz Bash, El Bekal Festival, (Anaheim), Glendale Kiwanis Jazz Festival and a Mexico Fiesta Music cruise. In 2002 Gremoli played for The Glendale Kiwanis Jazz Festival, El Bekal Festival, The Jazz Break Festival, San Diego, (AFCDJS), as well as a performance at the Lakeside Jazz Club in Lake Elsinore. They are also played a lengthy run of Friday evenings at the Ridgeline Golf and Tennis Club in Orange.

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