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AVA DUPREE hails from Knoxville, Tennessee and has been singing live and in the studio across the U. S. and Europe for several years. She has performed with the Yankee Wailers and also has her own band, Ava & 'em. DuPree has released 4 CDs, and her latest, "At a Certain Age" will be released in Spring of 2014. Her many credits include film, television, and music videos. Gospelwise, Ms. DuPree has written songs you just wanna stomp your feet to, and she insists that you indulge yourself thusly. She has sung backup for Yve Evans, Carol King, and Nell Carter. DuPree has also been seen in numerous television commercials and is the owner and founder of Eclectic Cowgirl Productions. In the tradition of Ms. Yve Evans, Ava believes that there is healing in laughter and strives to make sure that you are "already alright" when you leave anywhere she's been!
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