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Alexander Sack is a fine arts guitarist whose awards include, two time winner of the Randy Rhoads Memorial Award, and twice recipient of the Andres Segovia Award for classical guitar performance. He has utilized the electric guitar as a solo instrument, and refined it for music from classical to blues,and contemporary compositions.

Hailing from one of Southern California’s cultural stomping grounds, and spiritual hotspots, Alexander Sack plays it like he sees it. The son of an opera singer had grown up in the richly integrated city of Arleta, where he picked up lots of sounds and styles. But when he told mom he wanted to play guitar at age 9, He pictured guys with lots of hair, wailing on electric guitars, and She pictured Andres Segovia in a tuxedo. The result is music which is diverse in language, feeling, and spirit, and still clearly American.”I want my music to be snapshots of my life.”

“I like to put my self somewhere and take in the place. I absorb the world around me and compose. The music I bring to a concert is the result of the places I have been when I
composed it, practiced it, and performed it. I like it best when they are maybe a little bit unusual, and diverse. There are many stories to tell.”

Pieces like BLVD Music reflect time spent out on the side walks of the city. I had a chance to use people as test subjects. I wanted to see what makes people stop, because they didn’t come to my concert, they’re just passing by. Ultimately the three pieces (BLVD Music I, II, III)
echo the sounds, the spirit, and the stories of the city streets. Another fun piece from these “sessions” is a blue tango, which I wrote and dedicated to Michael Chapdelaine.” Pieces like Rumba Poisonita, Drama Fo’ Yo Mama, and Last Beginning are some examples of music which can easily be grouped as Cal Arts Music.”My upcoming project is composing, and arranging music for BBQ.

I’ve got several pieces I’m enjoying.”Recent projects have also included performances with dancer Debra Noble in a piece by choreographer Colin Connor, Obselete Graces, with music
composed by Alexander for solo electric guitar. “It was wonderful working with Colin and being choreographed into the piece while I’m performing counterpoint, a terrific challenge.” “Working with dance is one of my favorite uses of my music.” Earlier in 2004 Alexander was the guitarist for the Cal Arts production of the play Good Fooling. “I love working with theatre.”

“My mother was a 6th generation American, and my father was an immigrant from Europe.” “I figure I’m bound to catch something of the spirit of this of this place.” “When I say American, I don’t just mean as a citizen of the U.S., but also the influences that transcend politics, like music, food, values, landscapes, natural, and unnatural surroundings. It’s the spirit of the land.” Alexander studied guitar, and later composition, under Cesar Mateus from the age 11. He studied music at Los Angeles Valley College and California State University Northridge, receiving his Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Music degree in Classical Guitar Performance.

He received his Master of Fine Arts degree from California Institute of the Arts, where he pursued composing for the solo guitar. “I also took classes in reality 101. ” This referring to
the pre-university years as a guitarist in L.A., where he started original projects, joined projects, played in working bands, and learned how to survive as a guitarist. “I got to pour my heart into the instrument, and live it!”

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