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The Ahn Trio where the 2007 Music Festival Featured Artists. Once upAhn a time in Korea were born a pair of twins, Maria and Lucia Ahn, followed two years later by their sister Angella. All three played the piano as soon as they could reach the keys, but when Lucia got really serious about the piano at age seven, Angella moved to the violin and Maria to the cello. The three Seoul sisters became the Ahn Trio, making their first public ensemble appearance on Korean television in 1979.

The Ahn Trio added exciting new dimensions to the way classical music can be perceived by appearing on MTV as part of Bryan Adams’ Unplugged concert. But the innovation didn’t stop there. Inspired by the Unplugged experience, the Ahns followed a similar path to create and develop Ahn-Plugged, a way to present classical music in a modern, alternative format. “The Ahn Trio: The New Classical Revolutionaries‚ a featured tight, solid playing, with strong communication among the players.” -NY Newsday, 2003

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