Live! Music & Kids

Our Music & Kids Programs give students the opportunity to connect to the joy and creativity of music, critical to their academic, social and emotional growth. By introducing youth to music, we are building future audiences and encouraging students to pursue music as a hobby or profession.

Our Programs are two fold:

Music Appreciation Program: our award-winning “Live! Music & Kids” education program brings professional musicians and a music teacher once a week to the Laguna Beach Boys & Girls Club for afternoon performances and classes. During the Music Festival, we provide in-school performances from festival artists, after-school workshops, interactive meet-the-artist events, discounted Festival tickets and youth volunteer opportunities.

Music Performance Enhancement Program: with the expansion of the Laguna Beach School string program in 2013, our outreach was extended to the four Laguna Beach Schools; since then we have provided support for the wonderful music faculty in the schools, tuning and supervisory support during concerts, and shoulder rests for violinists and violists.


These programs are possible, thanks to grants from:
Assistance League of Laguna Beach
Applied Medical
Festival of Arts Foundation
American Association of University Women, Laguna Beach


The  Background:
It started with having the musicians who perform in the Live! at the Museum monthly chamber music concert come early and give a presentation at the Laguna Boys & Girls Club.

Pam Estes, Executive Director for the Boys & Girls Club, comments, “Without Laguna Beach Live! there would be no music at all here – and music is such an important part of life. I once heard a quote – ‘Music is what feelings sound like.’ We are totally dedicated to helping young people discover their voice and exercising creative expression. Music transcends so many factors – language, culture, age -- and brings us all together. Thankfully, Laguna Live! has opened that door for so many young ones here at the Boys & Girls Club.”

The program was so well received that it was expanded to weekly programs with a music teacher hired by Laguna Beach Live! to direct the education and coordinate more guest musicians.


We know that frequent exposure to the arts during childhood is essential to creativity and learning. The arts inspire children’s creative thinking; promote teamwork; and, decrease school dropout rates and absenteeism…all important elements to success in school, the workplace and life in general.

One of the most popular classes is the instrument “petting zoo” when high school music students have come to the Boys & girls Club to introduce the children to different instruments.

The next step has been to offer presentations by our talented musicians to the Laguna schools. We feel that this is especially important to help the new string program at the schools to flourish and have received a grant from the Laguna Assistance League to help with this.

Dr. Randy Pile's academic credentials include degrees in Music from UC Berkeley and UC San Diego. His Ph.D. dissertation was based on a revision of the guitar works of Joaquin Rodrigo, which he undertook while working closely with Maestro Rodrigo at his home in Madrid.

Contact in the schools has lead to direct support to the students in the classroom from our Music Education Director, Sara Warner. Sara, a trained violinist,  as been assisting weekly at Thurston Middile School in the strings classes with focus on proper technique, from holidng a violin to bowing, tuning and whatever is needed.

View a list of artists who have recently given back the Live! Music and Kids program.